"Lee paints a compelling portrait that stays with you long after viewing while simultaneously depicting a war situation we in America always hear about but never see up close."


"Lee structures Won’s past and present experiences and aims in relation to this project in a smart and thoughtful manner that provokes both surprise and dismay due to the events that transpire. In the process, she shares a refreshingly different contemporary perspective of the North-South divide."


"I am humbled to bring 9 at 38 to Tribeca," says director Lee. "The timing is uncannily relevant, with the on-going evolution of US-North Korea relations and an historic meeting of North and South Korean leaders planned for the same month as the festival. In America, my home of many years, the discourse about Korea is one-dimensional and military-focused; the human aspect is left out of the picture. Yet, families belonging to those such as Won and myself remain separated with a temporary armistice that has spanned seven decades - it is high time that permanent peace is agreed on once and for all and borders opened for normalized exchanges amongst the Korean people."


"How do personal and universal themes work in your film?

9at38 is a universal film about transcending manmade divisions. It is timely in an era of social chasms in the U.S. and beyond.

Simultaneously, at the most basic level, ours is a film about one man who gives up everything — the glamour of performing in concert halls as a Juilliard graduate, 7 years of his life and counting, and an utmost personal sacrifice which is revealed in the film — for a greater calling."